The mission of Black Line Productions is to research and develop high-quality, factual, long-form content ideas for film and television, produced independently or in partnership with other entities, while ensuring that every project has a direct social impact.

Our company intends to provide distinct creative content by pursuing our mission statement on a daily basis. Our films are based on some key points of our mission statement including:

1. Direct Social Impact: With every documentary or factual content that Black Line Production develops, it ensures a Direct Social Impact - on the oceans, the air, the forests, the community, women and children, immigrants, LGBTQ+ and human rights to name just a few. Even if the theme of the content produced is not directly related to these issues, we ensure to link our production with NGOs, charities, corporations and individuals who can use the platform of our film to do good in the community. 

2. Equality: The core team of Black Line Productions is made up of an equal number of men and women of diverse races, nationalities and sexual orientations. The only criteria for working at Black Line Productions are expertise in the field and a likeable personality. We ensure our employees' safety and have a very strict policy against harassment, bullying, and workplace inequality. We also ensure equal pay for men and women.

3. Sustainability: Our mission is to become the first production company in the world to be 100% carbon negative by year 2020. We are already making strides towards this goal by partnering with organisations that calculate our energy use and carbon emissions, and plant trees in our name to make our carbon contribution negative. We have also banned one-time use plastic in our offices, and actively take part in beach clean ups, activism drives and also do pro-bono work for select environmental organisations to help them spread awareness and have a larger impact.